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Level 3 Personal Trainer 
Level 3 Pre & Post Natal
Certificates in Bodyweight Training / Fuelling Physical Activity / Obesity Myths / Plant Based Nutrition 


I have always been very active and have been interested in health and nutrition for as long as I can remember. Once I started a family of my own, I decided to move away from my career in the city and devote my time to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. I am so passionate about having a healthy body and a healthy mind and I really love it when my enthusiasm inspires others to feel the same. 
Having come from a demanding working environment and now having two energetic young boys, I also fully understand the different challenges and demands that life can put on you and how hard it is to get that balance of work, family and healthy living right. I believe I can help you achieve the optimum balance that works for you.
With a specific personal interest in female strength training, pre and postnatal fitness and weight loss, I can help you achieve results so that you can be the best version of yourself. Most importantly, I can ensure you will enjoy your journey getting to where you want to be

To book a free consultation and taster session please use the contact page or call 01462 482854


Jax, Bedfordshire 
Jo has worked miracles. Not only a great PT
but a lovely, motivational, kind shining beacon of humanity. She has put up with my weekly moaning about not wanting to do certain exercises and persisted with great workouts to suit my needs and never let me give up. It's rare to find a soul who will listen and not dictate what they want to do but actually carefully plan around your real needs. A total workout for mind body and soul. Thanks Jo!!!! I'd still be flabby in mind and body without you.


Alice, Surrey 

I was needing motivation to get back into exercise, Jo has helped with exactly that. From early morning core workout classes Jo was always so full of energy and ready to motivate me to get me through her challenging workouts. Jo is experienced and knowledgeable and has taught me how to do each movement properly to avoid injury and get the right stimulus. Through Jo’s coaching I’ve reached my fitness goals and have learned a set of skills I’ll continue to use to maintain my fitness.

Alice, Ashwell 
I have been working with Jo for a few years now - she has helped me through a range of training programmes including postnatal recovery, strength, HIIT and core work. She is incredibly friendly, approachable and knowledgable. She is especially good at identifying and working with her clients’ strengths (and, when necessary, limitations). I would highly recommend Jo as a personal trainer - the kindest motivator there is!

Julie, Welwyn Garden City 
I look forward to every session with Jo, who always maintains focus on my personal goals. My sessions are always varied, with good nutrition advice which works.  Jo is very personable and definitely gets results. I have lost weight, I am much fitter and more energised than before I started this journey. 

Izzy, Letchworth Garden City 
I haven't been part of many exercise classes before but Jo was really approachable and welcoming from the start. She plans great workouts and seems to know endless different exercises, which keeps things interesting and challenging. She knows just how much to push us and I always come away feeling great.

Ophilia, Letchworth Garden City 
It has been 3 months since my first PT session with Jo, I always surprised on how she helped me to increase my strength (I have doubled my weight on lat pull down) ! I find it so amazed and gained lots of knowledge on how to train myself in the gym more safely, professional and interesting. She is always so kind and friendly on the lesson and I feel myself so lucky to have her as my PT trainer!

Jocelyn, Letchworth Garden City 
Really enjoy training with Jo, she always knows how to get the extra out if me, pushing me past what I thought were my limits. 

Mary, Finsbury Park
Jo is friendly,  knowledgeable, professional and keeps things interesting by listening, watching and switching up the routines for best outcomes.  I can't think what else you need in a PT!

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