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Classes at Studio 180

CIRCUITS (with Evolution Health & Fitness Ltd)


Circuit Training with David

Circuit Classes are run by David from Evolution Health & Fitness. They are fast paced, fun and invigorating. Combining bodyweight, resistance and aerobic exercises. You will burn calories while developing strength and stamina.

Zen Flow Yoga

Recharge + restore is a nourishing flow practice that combines energising movement and breath work to uplift the body and mind, alongside restorative poses to help release tension and tightness. We will move mindfully in tune with our own bodies to soulful tunes to set up you for your day.

Suitable for all levels, including those new to yoga or recovering from injury or illness.

NOT Currently Running 

Book Circuit Class via David on

07880 725429

NO classes - Currently on Maternity Leave



Performed on mini trampolines, this 1 hour exercise class is the key to a fit body and a fun time focusing on simple moves whilst bouncing up, down and all around. High speed beats mixed with low impact moves means the workout is tough but comfortable on the joints as the trampoline pad absorbs over 87% of shock .

 ((BOUNCE))™ Barbells

((BOUNCE))™ Barbells

Performed on mini trampolines, this

45-minute strength and conditioning class incorporates barbells and weight plates to perform static moves off the trampoline in high repetition with low level weight.

Book ((BOUNCE)) via

Book ((BOUNCE)) Barbells via

Please note individual Class Terms & Conditions may apply. Check with the instructor regarding their booking and cancellation policy.

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