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FREE Consultation & Taster Session

1-1 Sessions
PAYG £40 

4 Sessions £150
8 Sessions £280

Contact for further details 


2+ Years


England Boxing Level 1
FA Coaching Level 1


I believe sport and exercise are fundamental to a healthy and productive life. 
Boxing has helped me improve my fitness levels, confidence and cognitive skills. 
My aim is to help others achieve their fitness goals through this amazing sport. 
I currently coach at Hawley Amateur Boxing Club in Camden. 
I will teach you how to get into you boxing stance, how to move like a boxer, how to throw punches correctly and how to slip, roll and not get hit. 
If you’re a complete novice, someone who wants to just hit a heavy bag and pads, a white collar boxer or someone with a bit more experience, I can help. 

To book a free consultation and taster session please use the contact page or call 01462 482854


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