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£360 (get 11th Free)


13+ years


Sports Science Degree 
Level 3 Personal Trainer 


I have been fortunate to work within the fitness industry since I was 18 and have enjoyed every year. Helping clients achieve their goals is one of the most rewarding parts of being a trainer.

I have trained a wide variety of clients’ with goals ranging from rehabilitation post surgery, weight loss goals, sports competitions and ultra endurance events. I understand the importance of motivation in keeping my clients working hard and consistently towards their targets.

Tailoring health and fitness needs around you’re lifestyle is essential; juggling kids, work, social occasions and any other aspects in life can be challenging, but not impossible. Setting realistic goals and creating a realistic exercise regime to fit into your lifestyle is key to taking steps towards where you want to be!

To book a free consultation and taster session please use the contact page or call 01462 482854


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