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20+ years


Level 3 Personal Trainer 


I have been involved in the Fitness industry for over 20 years. My passion and dedication towards my profession as a Personal Trainer comes from a true desire and motivation to help my clients not only achieve but exceed their fitness and health goals.

I started my professional career in Hungary in 2001, where I qualified as a Personal Trainer and then worked in Mexico and London for Holmes Place/ Virgin Active to gain more experience and to further advance my career.


Having the dedication for continuous personal and professional development, throughout the years I have successfully completed a great variety of training courses and developed a wide range of training skills and methods. I obtained qualifications as a Level 2 Crossfit Coach specialising in Olympic Weightlifting, in gymnastics, mobility and Kettlebell training.


Continuous education and staying on top of the most current fitness trends, scientific and nutritional studies is something I greatly enjoy. It really helps me communicate to my clients how I can help them achieve their desired fitness goals in the fastest and least uncomfortable way by building easily implementable, healthy eating habits and exercise routines into their lifestyle.

Throughout my professional career as a Personal Trainer I have come across clients from all walks of life with different fitness levels and personal goals. I experience a great deal of satisfaction when I help them become the best version of themselves by implementing a carefully designed and personalised fitness and lifestyle plan. Whether their goal is weight loss, gaining muscle and/or strength or building endurance. I use tried and tested methods and a combination of exercises to custom build a program for them that builds on my experience of over 2 decades.


To book a free consultation and taster session please use the contact page or call 01462 482854


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