Kevin Nienaber

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About Kevin

I became a Personal Trainer in 2014 after qualifying as a REP’s Level 3 Personal Trainer at Premier Training International. I have extensive experience with various levels of ability as well as injury rehabilitation.


My favourite type of training is Power Lifting and High Intensity Training. Seeing my clients transform their own bodies with hard work and dedication is what drives me to help every one of my clients succeed.  


I am a passionate and driven personal trainer. I believe that achieving the best results comes with hard work, dedication but most of all by having fun while doing it. Making a choice to change the way you feel is the first step and you are more likely to succeed and do it on your terms. I can help you reach those goals.


Being healthy is about more than just going to the gym, doing a tough workout and walking out all sweaty. It is about a positive mind set, feeding your body the right fuel and getting enough sleep. We all need sleep - it is one of the fundamentals of having a healthy, strong, rested and focused mind and body. Combining fitness, a good sleep pattern and healthy eating all lead to feeling fantastic - which in turn fuels that positive mind-set that will push you to stay healthy and reach your goals!

Areas of Expertise
  • Body Transformation

  • Power Lifting

  • High Intensity Training  

  • Fat Loss

  • Toning

  • Conditioning

  • Fitness  

  • Competition Preparation


I’ve been seeing Kevin for about 10 weeks now and from the start we set a goal for me to be in shape and for me to be comfortable with being in a bikini by May this year. It is April now and if I look back at day one I never would have thought I would see such a change in my body and lifestyle. Kevin keeps changing the program on a regular basis so that I don’t get to fed up with doing the same thing over and over and that is the best part of my motivation. He keeps things interesting with the programs and how he presents them.


 I never thought I would like the idea of having a personal trainer but since I’ve been training with Kevin I have seen such great results that it has changed the way I see myself and the way I live life. I am thankful for that. Carla- 34


Now I know that every bride is supposed to feel beautiful on their big day which I certainly did, but no one can prepare you for the happiness and confidence that should come with it. No one except someone called Kevin. :D

I can’t even begin to explain just how much Kevin helped me reach my goal of feeling great for my wedding. From day 1 he was a delight to deal with and our relationship began through complete honesty. I explained how I wasn’t too fussed about losing weight, I just wanted to tone up and feel healthier because it was a genuine embarrassment that I couldn’t even walk up the flight of stairs to work without being out of breath. Honestly it was terrible. For a 31-year-old I was breathing like a whale gasping for air…

When I started with Kevin I was an easy size 12 which I know isn’t big but for me it was the biggest I have ever been so for someone who usually sits at a 10 I was feeling pretty down and knew I had to do something about it. On the very rare and odd occasion going to a gym I safely say I hated it, and must admit was skeptical about going to a personal trainer because of all the stereotypes that sat in my mind, but I knew I had to do something and give it a go!


As said, Kevin is so easy to get along with, he listens, he knows when you’ve hit a limit but also when you need to be pushed a little harder. But BEST of all – he has a wicked sense of humor and we have such good fun in the sessions, so much so that you don’t even realise you’ve done an hour with him! This is crucial for someone like me who HATES exercise so if he can trick me into forgetting I’m actually exercising then that’s perfect for me.

After 16 weeks with Kevin I toned up and naturally dropped weight, I lost a stone through fat reduction and then gained weight through sheer muscle tone which is awesome – and instead of 11 stone I now weigh a much healthier 10 stone. My energy is so much better, and I can even wake up more easily in the morning thanks to being generally fitter!

Thank you, Kevin, thank you for making me feel my absolute best on my wedding day but also tricking my brain into forgetting I was exercising. You legend.

“That’s not sweat, my body’s crying…”- Nicki – 31


I first meet Kevin through a recommendation. He’s been excellent, listening to my training objectives and tailoring a plan to meet my needs. Really friendly, knowledgeable trainer, highly recommended. – Dan 19



Well Kevin is a funny guy, when I first met him at the gym he had just started and was still shy around new people, but I have the personality of a hyper teen, so I quickly showed him what to expect. I approached him about 2 months ago with the idea that I just wanted to tone up and educate myself a bit more about how and what things I could do around the gym. But after seeing him for a few sessions I realised I don’t really know much about the gym and that is also when Kevin started giving me some power lifting tips and I got hooked on the idea of competing at some stage.


I am glad I made the choice to do sessions with him because I have since toned up slightly but have become much stronger in the sense that I can lift almost 50kg more than I could when I first started. He is a good guy and a great trainer that still pushed me beyond my limits every day by providing me with a home training program for the days I couldn’t make it to the gym because of my work hours.

-Paul B -25



It started slowly at first, with better sleep, a little more energy left towards the end of the day, a few people remarking I looked well...Then came the motivation to make some dietary changes, I'd never have found that drive if I hadn't been training. Then a clothes size disappeared, everyone started asking me what I was doing differently! 

Then I was stronger, my son didn't seem heavy anymore! I found myself running upstairs without it being a chore, walking faster to appointments, not because I was late, but for the fun of it! I stopped falling over, dropping things, stumbling. At Christmas I got up out of a bean bag without embarrassing myself! I squat to lift things, I hop out of my car without holding on, I ran to collect my son from pre-school today - just because I could. Most of the time, I feel well and genuinely comfortable in my skin. Who wouldn't want to see changes like that? I was a mass of aches, pains and ailments last year - this year has begun with a whole new burst of vitality. Kevin has made sure I know how to make noticeable progress, without ever hurting myself, he's planned and even adapted my training to ensure pains and injuries have been improved by my exercise regime, not worsened by it. I'm thrilled. I'm hooked. I'm not going back! - Helen

I've now had 22 sessions with Kevin over the past 3 months and the difference is definitely noticeable in both how I look and how I feel. I'm well into my sixties and as the flab set in I decided I needed to do something to improve my muscle tone and posture and as I find gyms unstructured and boring decided a personal trainer was the way forward. Kevin keeps you motivated and has a low-key way of keeping you going, his programs vary between each session focussing on different muscles and then returning to them at another time; I won't say it doesn't hurt because sometimes it does. Kevin tells me when to stop for a breather and when to have a drink, and this is important, because sometimes you don't know you’re doing too much until after you've done it - and there's always a bit of banter. Finally, if you're of a similar age and have the odd back problem and a bit of wear and tear in the hips, well so do I and the exercises Kevin sets don't aggravate things because there's limited twisting and turning. Go for it, Kevin's your man. - Steve T