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About Jordan

Jordan is a highly motivated and enthusiastic trainer who has grown up with Sports being a focal point throughout his life. From a young age he has competed at high levels within Football and uses these experiences in sharing his expertise and knowledge to the Health and Fitness industry by offering bespoke functional training for all his clients.

Jordan’s strengths lay in creating high intensity functional circuits, leaving his clients feeling like they have not much left to give. His passion for Crossfit means he is very familiar with Olympic lifts and muscular endurance styles workouts such as AMRAPS and EMOM’s (sign up to find out what they are ;) ).


Jordan's training methods include strength training with Olympic and power lifts, whilst also providing nutritional advice and guidance specifically tailored to your goals and targets.

Areas of Expertise
  • Body Transformations

  • Fat Loss / Weight Loss

  • Toning & Conditioning

  • HIIT Training   

  • Power Lifting & Technique

Client Progress Pictures & Testimonials

"Before I started training with Jordan I went to the gym but struggled to keep motivated. Jordan listened to the changes I desired and adapted the programming for me perfectly! He gives me constant nutrition advice and plans sessions outside of our PT hours for me. I feel much more confident in myself and training in the gym alone. Jordan makes training very comfortable and I would highly recommend him to anybody”

(Natalie Nelson)

''I had relocated from a 5 year experience working and living in Saudi Arabia where as you can imagine the food was less than desirable and could hardly recognise any ingredients. As a result,  I dined out….a lot and binged on crisps and chocolate daily! The weight piled on to a whopping 17 stone 13lb. I was so uncomfortable. No clothes fitted me. I was out of breath by walking  a few steps. Being a frequent flyer, I was having to ask for seat belt extensions. Embarrassing!! Enough was enough!! I had a light bulb moment at Christmas 2017 and made a new years resolution to shift the flab and get healthy.


I signed up to weight watchers  in January 2018 and got myself a PT Jordan Heywood and never looked back. This was a huge deal for me as I felt mortified by my size and very intimidated to hit the gym all fat and unable to even walk without gasping for breath!! I have between 2 -3 sessions per week with Jordan who adapts his sessions to suit me and he really encourages and supports my goals. He very quickly made me feel at ease and that I could actually achieve good weight loss. I could not run for 30 seconds on a treadmill in January and can now run for 30 minutes very comfortably. I believe I could not have achieved the massive weight loss to date without his military and challenging routines that I now thoroughly enjoy. 


I am on track for reaching goal weight by hopefully February or March 2019 and very exited about my future of a healthy lifestyle.''


Start Weight: 17 stone 13 lb  (January 2018)


Current Weight: 12 stone 2lb (October 2018)


Current Weight Loss: 5 Stone 11 lb


Goal Weight: 9 stone 7lb


Height: 5 ft 1

Age: 38

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