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My journey into fitness began in 2011 when I was around 5 stone overweight and recovering from a heart problem. My health was shocking - both physically and mentally, I hated my job, and I decided enough was enough and I was going to sort my life out. 

Too self-concious to go to a gym, I bought some weights from Argos and some cheap running shoes, read all I could about getting fit and in shape, and got to work in the comfort of my own home. It was hard work and took dedication but 9 months later I had shed just over that 5 stone and had to throw away about 10 pairs of jeans that were now 6 to 8 inches too big around the waist - more importantly I felt good and my probably saved my own life. 

My friends noticed the physical, mental, and emotional change in me and asked how I did it - so I started giving them some tips and working out with them. When one friend started getting results with my help and turned around one day to utter a life changing sentence - "you should be a personal trainer".

It was like a light bulb pinged above my head and I knew he was right - I researched courses, studied hard, got qualified, became a PT, and have never looked back since. 


Naturally thanks to my own transformation process I am passionate about others achieving their own fat loss and body composition goals - I understand what it is like to have to walk that path and how hard it is and so I have made it my mission to help others on that same journey. I have a certificate in Weight management and have tried and tested personally numerous approaches to body transformation and nutrition in order to be able to offer my clients what they need.


On my journey I fell in love with the sport of OCR (obstacle course racing) and started competing, this led me to starting my own team so I could share my passion for all things muddy and coaching people to be race ready. I have helped numerous clients train and qualify for events including the Spartan Race World Championship, UK OCR championship, European Championship, and World OCR Championships in Toronto, Canada. I qualified as a Spartan SGX coach in 2015 to help expand and cement my knowledge in the field of Obstacle race coaching.


I also love getting everyday people and amateur athletes strong and fit for their chosen sport which led me to become a qualified Strength & Conditioning coach in 2016. This has helped me help rugby players, martial artists, runners, footballers, triathletes and more have the physical tools they need on the field of play.


Helping other people achieve their health and fitness dreams has become a passion as well as my career - whether it is getting a bride in shape for their wedding, prepping clients who need to be fit for a career in the military, coaching competitive athletes for Obstacle course races like Spartan Race, or helping people move more and vent stress in the process.

Whoever I am training and whatever their goals I pride myself on offering a high level of compassionate and friendly service as well as going the extra mile for my clients.


"Since training with Joe he has always been devoted to helping me achieve my goals, being highly capable of noticing my strengths and enhancing them. He is so passionate about OCR, health and fitness, and making it easy to incorporate fitness and nutrition into my daily life. Joe has shown me how much I can achieve and how far I can push myself through his encouragement and expertly tailored workouts".  - Jason Thiele


"Training with Joe has allowed me to reach a fitness level that I never thought possible, whilst also giving me the confidence to train more on my own outdoors. His positive attitude along with not allowing you excuses for slacking off mean that when you have a regular class or session you will always make improvements, regardless of your goal. The sessions allow you to perform at your best and improve, regardless of your level. Joe has given me real enthusiasm towards fitness that have meant the results are lasting."  - Marie Dennis


"Even though I am a trainer myself, Joseph is one of the few trainers that I call upon to train me.

He motivates me to work to my full potential during our sessions without shouting at me in a military style. Thanks Joseph for your ongoing help and support." Phil Smith


"The best thing about working with Joe is that he’s taught me how to make sensible choices and how to adapt my diet when presented with less-than-ideal social situations in such a way that will mean I can still enjoy myself. I also now know how to make sensible choices (which weren’t necessarily what I believed to be sensible previously!)  and how to compensate if I’m faced with a situation where there is no ‘good’ choice to make. If all else fails, he’s also available via text, phone or email to answer any specific questions I have. I’ve been known to call him from a restaurant to check what the best choice from a menu is!" - Sophie Clarke


"I've trained with Joe and enjoyed some great varied sessions so far.

I find them highly enjoyable and always feel pushed a little beyond my comfort zone. These sessions are more than  just workouts, they are full on training sessions with purpose." - Neil Robinson


"Joseph is a more than competent trainer, with a special knack for taking you beyond what you think your limits are and to the to edge of what they really are. Being able to adapt to your fitness desires with skill and experience." - Mike Li


"Joe’s greatest strength is his ability to know when to push you and when to pat you on the back. He knows what you’re capable of and is determined to see you succeed. I wouldn’t be where I am now without Joe and would recommend him to anyone, of any standard with any goal! -

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