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Areas of Expertise
  • Fat Loss

  • Toning & Conditioning

  • High Intensity Training  

  • Functional / Circuit Training

My fitness journey started quite late in life, I was never particularly sporty growing up. I was always making excuses to get out of P.E at school but after I had my second child that all changed for me.


I had gained a lot of weight during my pregnancies, I had got the point where even small tasks became almost impossible without some joint pain or discomfort. I had no confidence and was ashamed I had let myself get to that point.

I joined a gym in 2015 and after getting past the point of feeling like I didn’t belong there, I started enjoying it. I went from one or two classes a weeks to two classes a day, five days a week... the weight started dropping off, my body stopped hurting, my confidence grew massively and I could run around with my children which is all I wanted to be able to do.

Fast forward to 2018 when I decided to train as a personal trainer so I could help others like me, people who don’t know where to start, or how the machines work, which training systems to use, how many reps to do or for how long. People who are unsure of what to eat to achieve their goals, maybe you need someone to motivate you.


Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle or maybe just improve your general fitness, I have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

I feel fitter and healthier than ever, I enjoy what I do. Going to the gym isn’t a chore for me, it’s something I’m passionate about.


"I explained to Sarah my weight loss goals along with my medical issues including previous injuries which meant I have weak ankles due to sprains and fractures. She designed a programme for me that accommodates my injuries and helped me lose weight, I felt she really listened to me, she is always available if I have a query, and was motivational even on my hard and sometimes moany days. She made me laugh as an extra bonus, would highly recommend."

(Rachel Davies, 37)

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