Pay as You go Classes


At Studio 180, we have two types of Classes. These are 'In-House Classes' and 'External Classes'.

'In-House Classes' are run and taught by Studio 180 and all bookings; payments etc must be done via Studio 180. These classes are shown in GREEN boxes on the Class Timetable.

'External Classes' are taught by Companies / Instructors who hire the facilities from Studio 180 to teach their own class. All bookings; payments etc for these classes are done via the Instructor teaching the class. These classes are shown in GREY or PURPLE boxes on the Class Timetable. 


Pay as You go Class

Trial Class*


In-House Classes

Circuit Training

External Classes


Pilates (Olistica)

Pilates (with Sarah)



Strive Fitness Class





*some of the 'External Classes' do not offer a free trial class. Contact us for details.

*Class Prices may be subject to change. 

Block booking discounts 

available on some external classes



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